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About Divine Kreation Inc (DKI)

Divine Kreation Inc. (DKI). Incorporated as a Saskatchewan based real estate and human capital development company in 2007. Divine Managers a subdivision of DKI, started operation as a property management outfit in February 2009 while Divine kreation Realty commenced operation in 2016. Our businesses strive on utmost customer satisfaction and the uncompromising referrals that result from the provision of excellent services. We are driven by the desire to help fulfill client’s divine destiny and purpose driven goals. We derive satisfaction in the joy and testimonies of our clients.  

 Divine Managers: Is the property management arm of the company, which has divers’ properties and qualified professionals, handling the affairs of the company? Our clients have rental revenue/income producing properties and do not want to deal with the hassles of tenant’s micro managements. We offer the following services and any other special request by landlords:

  • Advertising vacancies in agreed media
  • Walking prospective rentals through the property
  • Executing tenancy agreement as landlord representative
  • Ensuring tenants commitment to tenancy agreement
  • Conducting minor repairs while contracting major repairs to specialist
  • Provision of lawn care & snow removal services
  • Representing the interest of the landlord on matters arising on the property
  • Representing the landlord at community and association meetings etc.

Divine Kreation Realty: Created by divine inspiration to positively impact this generation in all areas of Real Estate and with special focus on Saskatchewan residential, property management and commercial. For all your real estate needs, whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing; for residential, commercial, farm or property management, your ultimate satisfaction as our goal.

Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold”. We at divine creation realty have chosen a good name and your referrals means the world to us.  DKRealty seek to help you fulfill your dreams of being a proud and satisfied homeowner. Our team of creative, diligent and professional outfit work in your interest and goal. We offer the following services and any other special request by our clients:

Our Team

Amos Babajide OYETUGA

Broker & Agent

Email : jideoyetuga@yahoo.com
Phone Number : (306) 261-3202

Olawumi Olubukola OYETUGA


Email : wumiakanji@yahoo.ca
Phone Number : (306) 262-3203

Faith Jaochico


Email : faith.divinerealty@gmail.com
Phone Number : (306) 914-7848

Ayodele Ayedun

Business Development Manager

Oluwaseyi Okunola

Maintenance Manager

Email : okunolaoluwaseyi@gmail.com
Phone Number : (306) 220 7654

Ayodele Balogun

Field Agent

Email : balo02@yahoo.com
Phone Number : 639-994-0529

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